VIP hall behind the fireplace

The VIP-zone of ‘Expedition” is separated from the major room with the huge glass fireplace. Made especially for small groups this area was designed in pastel shades, there are cozy pillowed sofas around the huge table in the middle of the VIP-zone. Subdued lightning and incredibly cozy atmosphere make the VIP-zone the perfect place for business lunches and private family events.

Corner of the Russian north in the center of Moscow

Restaurant "expedition"

North cuisine

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Bath "Expedition"

Siberian baths in the center of the capital

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Store of the Expedition "Taiga Zimovye"

Taste of wild nature

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Shop Expedition "Factory"

Crossroads of the worlds

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Moscow, Pevcheskiy pereulok 6
metro: Kitai-Gorod
Tel: +7(495) 775-60-75