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Pevcheskiy pereulok 6
Metro: Kitai-Gorod
телефон: +7(495)775-60-75
Opening hours:
Every day: from 12:00 till the last guest
Live music: from 19:00
Children’s events: only weekends from 15:00 till 17:00

"expedition": we believe in living and present!

Once a few people went on an expedition to the far north and found themselves in extremely difficult situation for 300 kilometers to the nearest settlement. They were waiting for the helicopter, but the helicopter did not arrive ...
Days went by. People got food, arranged a simple night's lodging. And they were thinking about how, to them, urban residents, to survive in the harsh conditions of the arctic circle?
There, on the edge of the earth, thoughts were born about the most important and the present, and it was then that the decision came: if it were to survive, and they returned to moscow, it was necessary to build a restaurant in the capital, where everything would be real … created and self-made - the restaurant of northern cuisine «Expedition".


Brand expedition

The story began on june 14, 2002, when the first restaurant, expedition, opened in moscow.
This date was the birthday of the brand. From the first year the restaurant and bath complex became the legendary and the best in the world, according to the discovery channel.

Alexander Kravtsov

President of the group of companies "Ruyan", creator and owner of the brand "Expedition"

Restaurant "Expedition"

"Expedition" - restaurant of northern cuisine. The first restaurant of northern cuisine in moscow. The best stroganina in the capital and the best atmosphere.

Shop «Taiga Zimovye"

"Taiga Zimovye" cookery of the restaurant "Expedition". Shop of handmade delicacies, natural products and delicious gift.

Bath "Expedition"

Siberian baths "Expedition". Russian baths with wellness procedures, complex steaming programs and treats from the restaurant "Expedition".

Shop "Factoria"

«Factory - Expedition» from inexpensive presents to royal gifts in the form of gold nuggets, skins of wild animals, knives from damascus steel ...

Corner of the Russian north in the center of Moscow

Restaurant "expedition"

North cuisine

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Bath "Expedition"

Siberian baths in the center of the capital

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Store of the Expedition "Taiga Zimovye"

Taste of wild nature

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Shop Expedition "Factory"

Crossroads of the worlds

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Moscow, Pevcheskiy pereulok 6
metro: Kitai-Gorod
Tel: +7(495) 775-60-75